• We help you prevent

    Never Events

  • We help you prevent

    Never Events

  • We help you prevent

    Never Events

Created by a surgeon with a passion for safety

SafeStart uses mobile, could based HIPPA compliant technology to create a patient safety record complete with surgeon annotated photos, allergies, medications, x-rays, and consent forms.

Multiple Safety record reviews and signoffs by clinical staff, as well as patients, allow for surgeries to start safely and on time.


Never Events Happen per year in us operating rooms.


Of never events originate in the office.

Avialable on desktop and mobile

Never events are unacceptable and cause great harm to patients as well as impacting doctors nurses and their hospitals

SafeStart is designed to eliminate Never Events through accurate and vetted information to eliminate wrong patient, wrong procedure and wrong site operations.

Engaged patients lead to improved health outcomes, better patient care, and lower costs.

SafeStart is designed to include patients and their families in the safety process.

Delays and cancellations in the operating room disrupt patient flow, increase operational costs, and raise patient anxiety.

SafeStart's enhanced patient safety document set is vetted multiple times before the patient arrives at the pre-operative area - streamlining the safety process so procedures can start on time.

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SafeStart works with or without an EMR