SafeStart Medical

SafeStart Medical, Inc.

SafeStart Medical, Inc. is a healthcare information technology partnership of surgeons, healthcare experts, and engineers, specializing in the development, distribution, and marketing of innovative surgical safety and efficiency applications.

SafeStart Medical introduces its first innovative mobile surgical safety application, SafeStart.

SafeStart epitomizes the art and science of surgical safety in symbiotic harmony.

    SafeStart, surgeon created and crafted by a surgeon with a passion for patient safety to:
  • engage the patient in the surgical safety process
  • improve patient satisfaction with the surgical safety process
  • streamline patient care for the staff, surgeon, and facility
  • reduce risk for all stakeholders
  • eliminate never events

Frequently several EMR's may un-peacefully coexist in the care of any individual patient. As one of my anesthesia colleagues aptly queried "which of the four versions should I believe?” Our answer at SafeStart is to believe the patient and surgeon verified SafeStart version when SafeStart is used as directed.

Warning: Any inconsistency between the patient information in the EMR and SafeStart should prompt cessation of movement toward the operating suite until surgeon, team, and staff review of all documentation takes place.

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